Live Streaming

Connecting you to your audience.

This season, everything is shifting online. We'll help you go live with your webinar, virtual AGM, conference, event, course or church service.

We offer


We help stream webinars - live, evergreen, on demand or automated.

Virtual AGMs

In Malaysia, we help listed companies conduct their AGMs online.


We'd love to support your product launch, press conference or intimate wedding.


If you're keen to set up your venue for events or plan to start teaching online, let's chat over coffee.

 Save costs

Organising traditional events can be extremely tiring, not to mention expensive. Focus on the content and marketing, not the venue, F&B and logistics. Going online saves a lot of $$$.

 Wider reach 

With the world embracing online platforms for seminars, meetings and training, you no longer are constrained to your neighbourhood. Say, hello, Kuching or even, hola Barcelona!

 Save time

No longer do you need to worry about commuting, parking and working out the intricacies of your program. Plan out your content, then go live. We'll help every step of the way.

 Less resources, more impact

Online platforms can simplify and multiply your intentions. You can now run your program and even rebroadcast it automatically - every week or even every day. And with less headcount too!

Here's what makes us special

We're not passionate.
We're uber-passionate.

We have been live streaming events since 2012 before YouTube and Facebook made it popular! Not that we're old, just "seasoned".

Our difference is that we are truly proactive and get involved in making your plans come alive. We are not passive button-pushers, but rather engaged in understanding your vision, planning it together then executing it like hand-in-glove.

Having broadcasted and assisted companies like Maxis, RHB & Pemandu, or churches like DUMC & New Life Restoration Centre or intimate weddings (and many other projects we can't share due to NDAs), we are happy to explore and take on your project. Let's go live together.

Streaming should not be complex

We'll get you online in no time.